Protecting Idahoans' Voter Initiative Rights

S1159 was legislation introduced last year, to punish voters for Prop 2’s success and prevent future voter initiatives from succeeding. It would have increased the difficulty of getting voter initiatives on the ballot by 695%, making it the most rigorous initiative process in the country!

​This would have made ballot initiatives, like Medicaid expansion, essentially impossible for the average Idaho citizen, while monopolizing the process for big money interests, who can roundup a paid army of signature gatherers.

NO responsible legislator, from any party, should support legislation that would effectively take away the voice of the voters that put them in office!

Donald Williamson will fight for EVERY citizen, to be able to protect their right to have their voices heard and their votes count!

If your legislator doesn’t care about your vote, then your legislator doesn't deserve your vote!

Access to healthcare for all Idahoans

After years of the Idaho legislature ignoring their constituents, Idahoans took it upon themselves, gathered the signatures needed and put Medicaid expansion on the ballot. In overwhelming fashion, Idahoans approved the measure with 61% voter approval!

Sadly, the majority party ignored the voters. After their attempts to repeal prop2 failed, they forced unwanted and severe amendments, including mandatory work requirements, that put heavy restrictions on Medicaid Expansion. These restrictions will require spending and wasting even more taxpayer dollars and end up creating a second marginalized gap of 22,000 Idahoans, who will be unable to obtain Medicaid.

​There are few things more frustrating than feeling like you are not being heard. Our representatives have forgotten their duties as public servants and have become beholden to corporate interests and their campaign donations. Their votes represent special interest groups, not the voters who put them in office.

Donald Williamson will fight for ALL citizens of district 21 and Idahoans across this state. He will make sure their voices are being heard!

Improving the education system for our children

Idaho legislators have chipped away at funding for our schools for over a decade. Current education funding is roughly $100 million below the education budget for 2009!

We have 39 school districts that can’t afford to operate five days a week. Our teachers have to deal with overwhelming class sizes, being underpaid, understaffed and underfunded. They sacrifice their own needs, spending their personal money for school supplies, to ensure their students have the basic tools they need to learn. We are falling further behind and our communities are suffering.

Idaho politicians have been campaigning for decades, on improving our education system and bettering our children's education, yet with every legislative session that passes, they accomplish nothing and sit idly by as Idaho has slipped to 50th in the nation in public education.

We are well past the point of doing what is necessary to seriously invest in our education system. If we continue to stay on this course, we'll not only leave our children unable to compete for the jobs of tomorrow, they won't be able to compete for the jobs of today.

We need to take action now and not just give the topic "lip service" while kicking the can down the road.

Protecting Idaho's public lands and our access to them

Idaho's public lands are our common ground. We like to hike, bike, ride motorcycles or on horseback, go fishing, hunting, skiing, and just about any other type of outdoor activity you can think of.

The sheer amount of outdoor activities we have available to us, and the freedom to do them, is what makes Idaho's public lands so special and to have that taken away, would rob Idahoans of our culture, our identity, and our "Idaho way".

Unraveling of the Clean Water Act opens a new window that puts Idaho's rivers and fish in vast danger, and any threat to public land in Idaho, is a direct threat to our clean water, wild fish, and thousands of miles of our rivers.

Donald will fight to ensure that Idaho's public lands stay in the public's hands, and will work to prevent out of state billionaires from illegally blocking access to our treasured public lands, for all of Idaho to enjoy.